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School of Health Sciences Geneva

NCT03454698 Education for Venous Leg Ulcer Patients
NCT03139162 Development of Clinical Indicators From the Swiss RAI-HC
NCT04558073 Evaluation of Two Eating Disorders Prevention Interventions in At-Risk Female Students With Body Dissatisfaction
NCT04546451 Countervail Cognitive and Cerebral Decline in Mild Cognitive Impairment Patients Using Non-medical Interventions
NCT04987255 The Art of Moving for Sustainable Health
NCT04669626 The Ability of Octenilin® to Reduce Odour of Malodorous Wound
NCT04295603 Impacts of Touch-massage on the Experience of Patients With Chronic Pain: a Mixed Study.
NCT04514783 Healthy Tissue Preservation During Wound Debridement by Using Debritom+ Micro Water Jet Technology
NCT04370106 The Impact of Frequenting a Social Leg Program on Therapeutic Adherence and Venous Leg Ulcer Wound Healing Outcomes
NCT03674931 Train the Brain With Music: Brain Plasticity and Cognitive Benefits Induced by Musical Practice in Elderly People
NCT04200794 Group Music Practice Enhances Development
NCT04065685 A Nurse-led Patient-centred Intervention to Increase Written Advance Directives
NCT03883425 Frailty and Complexity Among Home Service Recipients
NCT04254926 Impact of a Resource-based Life Review Intervention on Advanced Cancer Patients
NCT04019340 The Impact of a Pluridisciplinary Education Program on Venous Leg Ulcer Size Reduction
NCT03596112 The Difference in Wound Size Reduction Comparing Two Frequently Used Wound Dressings in Everyday Care
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