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University of Calgary

NCT03809169 Peripheral EBUS With ROSE vs no ROSE; Slim Bronchoscope Without Guide Sheath vs Standard Bronchoscope With Guide Sheath
NCT00334373 Post Conditioning in PCI for Acute ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction
NCT00336466 The Erythropoietin NeuroProtective Effect: Assessment in CABG Surgery (TENPEAKS)
NCT03786263 CHILDNEPH The Canadian Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome Study
NCT00343265 Vaginal Progesterone Versus Placebo in Multiple Pregnancy
NCT00351364 Does Montelukast Have an Affect on the Function of the Artery in Patients With Heart Disease
NCT00351715 Sublingual Methadone for the Management of Cancer-related Breakthrough Pain in Outpatients
NCT00355875 The Effect of Oxygen Exposure During Newborn Resuscitation on Lung Injury
NCT00356902 Comparison of Different Oxygen Delivery Strategies During Resuscitation of Babies
NCT00664989 Resurfacing Hemiarthoplasty Versus Conventional Stemmed Arthroplasty
NCT03754322 LAMP Detection of Malaria in PREGnancy (LAMPREG) Trial
NCT03749044 ASA Patterns for Prevention of Preeclampsia in SLE Pregnancies
NCT03746028 The Lupus prEGnAnCY Cohort: An International Prospective Cohort of Lupus Pregnancies
NCT00373555 Endobronchial Ultrasonography in the Diagnosis of Sarcoidosis
NCT03724201 Neuronal Damage In Delirium Study
NCT00666471 Minimally Invasive Control of Epistaxis (MICE)
NCT03699046 Evaluating the Effectiveness of Subchondroplasty for Treating Bone Marrow Lesions of the Knee
NCT03694405 Adolescent MenACWY Booster Study
NCT03694288 Fixation In-situ vs Removal for Midfoot Lisfranc Injuries
NCT03691272 rTMS Treatment of Persistent Headache and Post Concussion Symptoms Attributed to Mild Traumatic Injury to the Head
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