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University Hospital, Basel, Switzerland

NCT03527316 Effect of Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) (Serotonin Release) on Fear Extinction
NCT03526029 Swiss Trauma Registry
NCT03513003 The Use of a Pacifier to Correct Malocclusions in Young Children
NCT03508466 Mechanism of Hypersensitivity Reactions to Iron Nanomedicines
NCT00675181 Effects of Melatonin and Oxygen Consumption and Choroidal Blood Flow
NCT03494452 Trunk Muscle Strength, Strength Endurance and Activity in Persons With Low Back Pain
NCT03488654 CMR-Lupus Comprehensive Approach by Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Tomography
NCT03487497 Gait Analysis During Level and Uphill Walking After Lengthening Osteotomy of the Lateral Column
NCT03487484 Quality of Life in Patients With Rectal Cancer Receiving Total Mesorectal Excision With or Without Stoma
NCT03487471 Comparison of Real-time and Shear Wave Elastography
NCT00675805 Preventing Intravenous Immunoglobulin-associated Adverse Reactions
NCT03476824 Pelvic Fractures in the Elderly
NCT03475472 Direct Molecular Characterization of Bacteria From ICU and From the REHAB
NCT03474991 KIDS-STEP_Betamethasone Therapy in Hospitalised Children With CAP
NCT03467074 Role of Interferon-λ and Vaccine Response
NCT00409110 Ocular Pulse Amplitude And Choroidal Laser Doppler Flowmetry
NCT00409123 Effect of Systemic Cooling in Vasospasms
NCT03458338 Prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and Risk Factors in Sub-Saharan Africa
NCT00410111 Pathogenesis and Cerebrovascular Manifestations of Septic Encephalopathy
NCT03455036 The Mysterious on/Off Itch and Erythema During Whole Body Vibration Exercise
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