NCT ID Name Agency Class Lead or Collaborator
NCT04369690 CHEO Research Institute UNKNOWN collaborator
NCT04369690 Ottawa Heart Institute Research Corporation OTHER collaborator
NCT04369690 McGill University OTHER collaborator
NCT04369690 Johns Hopkins University OTHER collaborator
NCT04369690 Université de Montréal OTHER collaborator
NCT04369690 The Royal's Institute of Mental Health Research OTHER collaborator
NCT04369768 Cairo University OTHER lead
NCT04369807 Perspectum INDUSTRY lead
NCT04369495 Universidad de Antioquia OTHER lead
NCT04369495 ARTMEDICA UNKNOWN collaborator
NCT04369495 GlaxoSmithKline INDUSTRY collaborator
NCT04369534 University of Zagreb OTHER lead
NCT04369534 Croatian Science Foundation OTHER_GOV collaborator
NCT04369534 Clinical Hospital Centre Zagreb OTHER collaborator
NCT04369638 The University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston OTHER lead
NCT04369664 NYU Langone Health OTHER lead
NCT04369482 Medical University of Vienna OTHER lead
NCT04369677 Nicholas Breitborde OTHER lead
NCT04369573 Niguarda Hospital OTHER lead
NCT04369521 National Nutrition and Food Technology Institute OTHER lead
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