Detailed Result for NCT00002324

NCT ID: NCT00002324
NLM Download Date Description: N/A
Study First Submitted Date: 1999-11-02
Last Update Submitted Date: 2005-06-23
Last Update Submitted Date: 2005-06-23
Result First Submitted Date: N/A
Disposition First Submitted Date: N/A
Start Month Year: N/A
Start Date: N/A
Start Date Type: N/A
Verification Month Year: August 2002
Verification Date: 2002-08-31
Completion Month Year: N/A
Completion Date: N/A
Completion Date Type: N/A
Primary Completion Month Year: N/A
Primary Completion Date: N/A
Primary Completion Date Type: N/A
Study first Submitted QC Date: 2001-08-30
Study first posted Date: 2001-08-31
Result first Submitted QC Date: N/A
Result First Posted Date: N/A
Disposition First Submitted QC Date: N/A
Disposition First Posted Date: N/A
Last Updated Submitted QC Date: 2005-06-23
Last Updated Posted Date: 2005-06-24
Target Duration: N/A
Study Type: Interventional
Acronym: N/A
Baseline Population: N/A
Brief Title: The Safety and Effectiveness of Nevirapine and Zidovudine, Given Separately and Together, in HIV-1 Infected Patients Who Have No Symptoms of the Disease
Official Title: A Multi-Center, Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind, Randomized Trial Comparing the Activity, Safety, and Tolerance of 1) 400 Mg Nevirapine in Combination With 500-600 Mg Zidovudine Versus Zidovudine Alone in Asymptomatic HIV-1 Infected Patients With 3-24 Months of Prior Zidovudine Therapy and 200-500 CD4 Cells/mm3 and 2) 400 Mg Nevirapine Versus Nevirapine Placebo in Asymptomatic HIV-1 Nucleoside Naive Patients With 200-500 CD4 Cells/mm3
Overall Status: Completed
Last Known Status: N/A
Phase: Phase 2
Enrollment: 250
Enrollment Type: N/A
Source: NIH AIDS Clinical Trials Information Service
Limitation and Caveats: N/A
Number of Arms: N/A
Number of Groups: N/A
Why Stopped: N/A
Has Expanded Access: N/A
Expanded Access Type Individual: N/A
Expanded Access Type Intermediate: N/A
Expanded Access Type Treatment: N/A
Has DMC: N/A
Is it FDA Regulated Drug: N/A
Is it FDA Regulated Device: N/A
Is it Unapproved Device: N/A
Is US Export: N/A
Is Biospec Retention: N/A
Biospec Description: N/A
Plan to Share IPD: N/A
Plan to Share IPD Description: N/A
IPD Time Frame: N/A
IPD Access Criteria: N/A
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